From a Humble Community

Our simple beginning as a gaming community, playing in garages and basements, has given us a firm foundation to grow into a full fledged store. We are proud to be the premier location for table top gaming, comic books, and related accessories for the Greenville area.

We called ourselves M.U.G.G., the Magic Underground Gamers’ Guild. This was back when you could have sanctioned MTG tournaments outside of commercial establishments. There wasn’t a place to game anymore because Greenville had lost two different stores in the span of about 15 years.

A group of us would meet to play board games, cards, compete in tournaments, and just hang out with like-minded individuals. Over time this group grew. Packs of cards turned into boxes and the rules for tournaments changed.

When building something out of a passion, it isn’t about the money, it’s about the love for whatever it is you’re doing.” -Rob Mountney

A brick and mortar store was now required for sanctioned MTG tournaments, space was becoming limited, and cards weren’t the only game in town. The problem was…there was nowhere to game in town. That is how Excelsior was born.

Today, we maintain that commitment to the community we started by devoting a great deal of our space to a large play area. We offer a wide variety of organized play options and are eager to teach new players. We hope you will be as much a part of our community as we want to be part of yours.

So, “Come in, game on, and excelsior!”


By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The shades of night were falling fast,
As through an Alpine village passed
A youth, who bore, ‘mid snow and ice,
A banner with the strange device,
His brow was sad; his eye beneath,
Flashed like a falchion from its sheath,
And like a silver clarion rung
The accents of that unknown tongue,
In happy homes he saw the light
Of household fires gleam warm and bright;
Above, the spectral glaciers shone,
And from his lips escaped a groan,
“Try not the Pass!” the old man said;
“Dark lowers the tempest overhead,
The roaring torrent is deep and wide!”
And loud that clarion voice replied,
“Oh stay,” the maiden said, “and rest
Thy weary head upon this breast! “
A tear stood in his bright blue eye,
But still he answered, with a sigh,
“Beware the pine-tree’s withered branch!
Beware the awful avalanche!”
This was the peasant’s last Good-night,
A voice replied, far up the height,
At break of day, as heavenward
The pious monks of Saint Bernard
Uttered the oft-repeated prayer,
A voice cried through the startled air,
A traveller, by the faithful hound,
Half-buried in the snow was found,
Still grasping in his hand of ice
That banner with the strange device,
There in the twilight cold and gray,
Lifeless, but beautiful, he lay,
And from the sky, serene and far,
A voice fell like a falling star,

``Being a geek means never having to play it cool about how much you like something``

- Simon Pegg