Facing certain death and living

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    I am an elven monk named Rael and this is my first adventure log out here in the West Marched. Today was a perilous one. My quest today was a contract given to me and a few others to secure a crystal ball for a gnome’s invention. The trip there and back was safe enough but when we got there we found a mostly buried temple in the sands. There was a spiral staircase down that led us into a room filled with ghouls. Our team dispatched of them quickly, even going so far as to make a competition out of it and screamed out their kill count every time they secured another kill. Even I joined a little bit but sadly I only scored a single kill today. After the conflict the dwarf and I located a trap door going further down but before we continued we rested up to re-attune ourselves. Then we went down, one of the rogues dropping a torch to light up the area, and we pushed into the next room. I searched for traps, but sadly not well enough as I went down a hallway, I got stabbed by a spear trap in the wall. Luckily Scarlet the rogue disarmed it and got me out, and I drank my health potion to heal back up. We finally pushed into the final room where there was a statue holding a crystal ball, which was our objective. Seeing as the room also had 3 coffins, i went to one of them to make sure that i could dispatch whatever might come out of it if we sprung a trap. Scarlet checked the statue and did find a trap, but before he could figure out how to disarm it, one of the warlocks walked over and pushed scarlet to the side, who preceded to leave the room warning us to not touch it. The warlock however did not listen and tried to take the ball but it fell and sprung the trap. A stone door locked me and both warlocks in the room, and cut off the cleric and two rogues from us. Then the three coffins opened up revealing 3 ghouls, one larger then the others. me and one warlock took on the 2 smaller ones while the one who got us into the mess took on the big guy. We were able to bring down 1 ghoul before the big ghouls seemingly paralyzed his foe and put his gaze upon me. I stood as long as possible, but i too fell to the paralysis, then quickly passed out form pain. When I came to, all the ghouls were dead, and all I wanted was to leave this place and get out reward. Before we left, the Roglock as I call him, gather enough gold the the entire party got a good bit of money when we returned to town. And we did get a nice pay from the gnome. End Log.

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