Thinking Outside The Box

Hello again, Skye Hayes here.

Today we will be discussing what to do when you find your store going dry with the same decks being played repeatedly. We have all been there where we had a tough time playing or wanting to play because you feel like it will be just like last week. Well, it doesn’t have to be!!

My job when I go to stores is to find out where each meta is relatively weak and I pry it open as wide as I can until people start to change what they play to combat my deck. This helps change the flavor of your store, and keeps people humble for being on the good side of events.

I went to a store recently where everyone seemed to be playing a lot of combo decks. Matches were taking forever.  It felt like no one was actually having fun because everyone had played everyone else multiple times.  They knew what to do to play against those decks already. I noticed how slow everyone’s decks were so I sleeved up a control deck to go even slower. My hope was to break the backs of the players while I was there.  Here is the list I was running.

UW Control:

Land (25)

Artifact (1)

Creature (15)

Sorcery (3)

Sideboard (15)

The people I played didn’t know what to expect when they were playing against me.  I easily made into the top 4 at the store (only to lose to 2 lands and a Fulminator Mage *salt intensifies*)

Another store where I played had so many control decks that I was having a hard time trying to get any of my control decks to work.  In that environment the players were  so used to playing control decks that it was difficult to succeed.  So, I said “Screw it, I will build an aggressive deck.”  Here is what it looked like.

Creature (31)

Land (18)

Instant (11)

Sideboard (15)


The goal of this deck is just to get as aggressive as possible before they get to their board wipe.  It turned out this wasn’t too bad of a deck. The creature base wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be.  I would add Tarmogoyfs if you have access to them.

The point of this is to tell you that you can be a catalyst for change.   If you don’t like how things are going at your store do something about it (and show off some cool decks that I have played recently).  I am known to often change decks and to constantly  figure out ways to change a store’s environment.

*inspiring music plays*


you can be the change!!


Written by Skye Hayes